Art Illustration

Illustrations by Vladimir Stankovic

Vladimir Stankovic
Taking inspiration from science, nature on one side, and fantasy, fairy tales and mysteries on the other, Vladimir Stankovic draws weird creatures and fauna, yet so detailled you’d want to believe they are real.


Art by Hans Rüdi Giger

Hans Rüdi Giger
Inspired by Dali and Timothy Leary, the art of Hans Rüdi Giger is macabre and filled with disturbing sexual references. Giger is most famous for doing the artwork of the movie Alien.

Graphic Design

Illustrations by Grimbro

Illustrations of ‘zombies, ninjas and movies that don’t suck’, by Grimbro.

Graphic Design Typography

Typography on stairs by Ujala Shrestha & Dishebh Raj Shrestha

Sattya Media Arts Collective
Typography on staircase panels in Kathmandu, Nepal, by Ujala Shrestha & Dishebh Raj Shrestha. The mural is a famous poem in Nepali literature, and one can read it as they climb the steps.

Art Textil / Fashion

Paper orbs by Christine Kim

Christine Kim
Paper orbs by Toronto-based artist Christine Kim.

Hidden Industrial Design

Model kit by Roman Sviridov

Roman Sviridov
A skateboard plane model kit by Roman Sviridov. No glue, no nails, just interlocking parts. Photos by Alexey Abanin.


Photography by Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson
Photographer Jimmy Nelson captured the last tribes on eath. Look them right into the eyes, in his series ‘Before They Pass Away’.

Graphic Design

Bookmarks by Paperlux

Read, explore and play with the Arjowiggins bookmarks by Paperlux. It’s a bookmark that can easily mark any place in a book; a paragraph, a line, or even a single word.

Graphic Design Identity Package Design

Packaging by Taylor Goad

Taylor Goad
Northcoast’s beer are brewed with only the necessary amount of ingredients, so in a way it’s minimal beer. Taylor Goad decided he’d design the labels, stripping everything down to basic geometric shapes. Tasty packaging.


Cartoon by Matthew Houston

Matthew Houston
‘The Time Machine’, by Matthew Houston from Ohio, United States.