Graphic Design Hidden Identity Package Design

Packaging by Pereira & O’Dell

Pereira & O’Dell
The design for Callegari Olive Oil by Pereira & O’Dell aims to bring the product bottle to the table, instead of using olive oil dispensers. A minimal and modern bottle that can stand upright or on its side, and a classic perfume bottle, to dispense the oil on salads.

Graphic Design Identity Typography

Identity by Werklig

Designed by Werklig from Finland, on a very strict design grid, the identity and typeface for Kontoret shows a strong link to the traditional office enviroment with a minimalist Scandinavian twist, with a custom set of icons for the signage system.

Art Hidden Print Layout Textil / Fashion

Objects by Jennifer Collier

Jennifer Collier
British artist, Jennifer Collier collects all kinds of papers, magazines, maps, and sheet music, and recycles them to create incredible wrapping for ordinary objects that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Architecture Hidden Photography

Photography by Jaroslav Poncar

Jaroslav Poncar
Jaroslav Poncar visited Angkor Wat for the first time in 1993, but did not know that the following two decades it would become his second home. He took many photographs of the largest religious monument in the world that was build in the early 12th century.


Student unit by Tengbom

Swedish firm Tengbom has designed a ten square-metre wooden house for students of the Lund University in Sweden, aimed to create a living unit which would be affordable and sustainable.


Photography by Jamey Price

Jamey Price
‘Nothing comes close’ is the Singapore Grand Prix slogan, a night street race, and motorsport photojournalist Jamey Price shows they could not be more right in any way about that.


Statues by Soasig Chamaillard

Soasig Chamaillard
French artists Soasig Chamaillard remixes Virgin Mary statues into Superman, Mario and other pop culture icons.

Graphic Design Typography

Font by Noem9 Studio

Noem9 Studio
Avanth typeface by Noem9 Studio. Born from the search of a display typeface to use in titles with a real personality, the font is still legible in big sizes. Comes in three different variants.


Architecture by Nick Tsontakis

Nick Tsontakis
Architect Nick Tsontakis designed a house that will straddle the Mummy Mountain in Arizona, and be shaped like a manta ray.

Graphic Design Identity

Rebranding by Viet Huynh

Viet Huynh
Rebranding project for Guitar Center by Viet Huynh.