Art Photography

Photography by TOMAAS

Photography series called ‘PLASTIC FANTASTIC’ by TOMAAS.

Hidden Photography Textil / Fashion

Photography by Jenny Francis

Jenny Francis
Jenny Francis met four brave men who posed in their pants to show what real men would look like in pants ads.

Graphic Design Identity

Identity by Hey

The newly created visual identity for glassblower Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert by Spanish studio Hey. The identity is simple yet elegant with white, black and kraft. Textures win over colors and details are references to the handmade.

Art Textil / Fashion

Textiles by Elisa Strozyk

Elisa Strozyk
German designer Elisa Strozyk crafts beautiful flexible textiles out of wood, making you wonder how she did it. Each rug is made up of rows of triangular shapes that are dyed to form various geometric patterns for the floor.

Advertising Hidden Illustration

Illustrations by Tom J Manning

Tom J Manning
Tom J Manning’s illustration series called NIKE WILD is a showcase of the five fastest creatures on the planet.

Art Photography

Food art by Sarah Anne Ward

Sarah Anne Ward
Sarah Anne Ward creates amazing art-inspired desserts, made with twinkies, rice krispies treats and more.

Graphic Design Package Design

Packaging by Ferdi Fikri

Ferdi Fikri
Three concept ideas for stackable Coca-Cola bottle crates of the future. By Ferdi Fikri from Bulgaria.

Art Illustration

Street art by Gijs Vanhee

Gijs Vanhee
Belgian street artist Gijs Vanhee creates streetart, which he calls ‘Mutants’.

Industrial Design Photography

Car photography by Laurent Nivalle

Laurent Nivalle
Fantastic vehicle photography by Laurent Nivalle from Paris, France in this series called ‘The Garage’.