Art Hidden

Shells by Aki Inomata

Aki Inomata
Japanese artist Aki Inomata is using a 3-D printer to enhance the appearance of the humble hermit crab. She created a series of crystalline shells that put the skylines of New York, Thailand, and Greece on the backs of the ocean’s most famous homebodies.

Graphic Design

Interior by March Studio

March Studio
Australian March Studio designed this Melbourne bakery, inspired by an oversized breadbasket. The wooden slats cover the rear wall and ceiling, and function as shelves for storing and displaying breads of different shapes and sizes.


Street art by Conor Harrington

Conor Harrington
Conor Harrington works with a superb blend of the historical and hypermodern. The Irish graffiti artist paints outdoor murals worldwide to considerable acclaim.

Graphic Design Hidden Print Layout Typography

Maps by Gestalten

These maps may not be of much help on an actual trip, but they certainly spark the imagination. ‘A Map of the World According to Illustrators and Storytellers’ by Gestalten is a series of colourful, whimsical maps showing a different interpretation of cartography.

Identity Typography

Typography by Sergey Shapiro

Sergey Shapiro
Some of hand drawn/written sketches by Sergey Shapiro from Russia, made for new t-shirt designs for Carhartt’s 2014 collection.

Art Photography

Photography by Carl Warner

Carl Warner
Carl Warner from the UK creates landscapes from the human form. An alternative portrait of a human being whose body becomes a landscape of themselves and plays on the sense of space in which we dwell.

Industrial Design Interior Design

Cabin layout by BMW designworksUSA

BMW designworksUSA
Singapore Airlines turned to BMW designworksUSA, to design their newest first class cabin layout. The new design works with lounge-like islands, and the outer walls shield the area, both visually and acoustically. The seats have leather that remains smooth throughout the duration of the flight.

Hidden Motion

Animation by Rebel Banana

Rebel Banana
“Exit” is an action comedy done by a team of 6 fresh graduates from The One Academy, Malaysia. The group called the Rebel Banana, worked approximately one year on this film about Mike, the ever grumpy debt collector.

Art Hidden Industrial Design

Art project by Swoon

Part art project, part utopian experiment, by street artist Swoon (her real name is Caledonia “Callie” Curry) and others. They built a collection of ramshackle from recycled materials, which where visually striking rafts to float down rivers and canals with a loosely defined purpose.


Photography by Joanna Kustra

Joanna Kustra
Fashion editorial series called ‘Monochrome’, photographed by Joanna Kustra, styled by Ewa Michalik and featured in Dark Beauty Magazine & FaceOn Magazine.