Advertising Graphic Design Identity Illustration

Identity by Royal Studio

Royal Studio
‘Ganda Galo’ is a Portuguese expression that states that something has gone completely wrong. Also, the rooster (Galo) is a symbol of the country. This series of promotional items, posters, flyers and cards by Royal Studio promote a handicraft event.

Print Layout

Prints by Say What Studio

Say What Studio
Avalanche Print is an experimental screen printing project, by Say What Studio from Paris.

Graphic Design Hidden Print Layout

Boarding pass by Adam Glynn-Finnegan

Adam Glynn-Finnegan
Evernote designer Adam Glynn-Finnegan’s vision for a better boarding pass. The main innovation is chronology; the information relevant to various phases of your trip is arranged roughly from top to bottom.

Identity Typography

Identity by Ken-Tsai Lee

Ken-Tsai Lee
Identity by Ken-Tsai Lee for NY Type Directors Club Annual Exhibition in Taiwan, earlier this year.


Illustrations by Si Scott

Si Scott
Animal illustrations by Si Scott, from Manchester, UK.

Graphic Design Print Layout Typography

Book by UnCommon Beat

UnCommon Beat
The Black Book of Cards by UnCommon Beat is a playing card deck which features typographic portraits. The meticulous process of building each word to form the faces delivers a tangible appearance without the use of shading.

Art Hidden

Art by The Fallen

The Fallen
A pair of British artists have created this stunning installation of 9,000 silhouettes on a D-Day Landings beach to mark international Peace Day, and a tribute to the civilians, German forces and Allies who lost their lives during June 6, 1944.

Photography Textil / Fashion

Photography by TOMAAS

‘Candy Warhol’ photography series by TOMAAS. Styling by Allison St. Germain, make-up by Nevio Ragazzini, hair styling by Seiji Uehara, post production by Elena Levenets. Model Staz.

Shopping Textil / Fashion

Jewelry by Judy Zhang

Judy Zhang
London based jewellery designer Judy Zhang makes fine jewellery. Simple, yet elegant, with a fashion forward twist.

Graphic Design Package Design

Packaging by Alex Pogrebniak

Alex Pogrebniak
Fantastic packaging design for fictional beer brand by Alex Pogrebniak from Lodz, Poland.