Graphic Design Interaction Design

Website by Fi

This is a design study by Fi, aimed at reimagining an airline’s web presence. It’s a clean, crisp, clutter-free user interface that has just enough options and information to perfectly tailor your travel plans, but doesn’t overwhelm with a multitude of menus and gimmicky graphics.

Graphic Design Identity

Identity and website by Momkai

De Correspondent is a crowdfunding project to start a new digital-only, subscription based news publication. The whole corporate design and user interface was designed by Momkai, a digital creative agency from Amsterdam.

Art Hidden Photography

Photography by Peter Schafrick

Peter Schafrick
These ten beautiful photos by Toronto-based Peter Schafrick turn centrifugal force into art. It captures the alluring messiness of paint-soaked toys, dizzied by a home-brew rotating apparatus he calls “The Spinster.”

Art Illustration

Illustrations by Robinsson Cravents

Robinsson Cravents
The ‘Dreamy Nature’ by Robinsson Cravents from Columbia. Aimed to recreate situations and feelings with a positive mood, these digital artworks are based on his childhood dreams, and the colours selected from his daughter’s shirt.

Art Industrial Design

Sculptures by Tomáš Libertíny

Tomáš Libertíny
Tomáš Libertíny from Slovakia lets bees make honeycomb sculptures. He makes a shape and coats it with wax. The whole structure is covered by a transparent case and thousands of bees are pumped in, who over time make a honeycomb structures out of it.

Hidden Illustration

Illustrations by Nabil Nezzar

Nabil Nezzar
Various illustrations by Belgian Nabil Nezzar from Brussels. Made with a mixture of techniques, such as graphite, color pencils, marker and water colour paint.

Hidden Photography

Photography by Merilee Allred

Merilee Allred
A conceptually great project by Merilee Allred from Utah. The ‘Awkward Years Project’ reminds us that we all have embarrassing photos. Allred: “To all the nerds, geeks, and fashion victims, past or present, this project is for you!”

Graphic Design Print Layout

Graphic design by Wang Zhi-Hong

Wang Zhi-Hong
‘Nostalgia and Modernity’, by Wang Zhi-Hong from Tapei exhibits postwar Taiwanese architectural documents, collected by the The National Taiwan Museum. Zhi-Hong: ‘Only by looking back into the past we can find a road to the future.’

Graphic Design Identity Print Layout Typography

Business card by Tommy Perez

Tommy Perez
Every once in a while there’s a surprising business card. This one by Tommy Perez features a smart design, with a little folding. Each card was duplexed to one of four different French Paper Pop-Tone colors (Razzle Berry, Grape Jelly, Sour Apple, and Blu Raspberry).

Industrial Design Typography

Bikes by Juri Zaech

Juri Zaech
The ‘Write a Bike’ project combines typography, bicycles, and graphic design, and takes bike personalization to a whole new level. By Swiss art director Juri Zaech.