Modular Building System by Matthias Kaeding

Simple and great idea by Matthias Kaeding.
Modern life requires different building concepts. Never before have people been moving so often in one lifetime, making living spaces more temporary than permanent. Additionally, that space needs to be able to adjust quickly to new circumstances, like economic cycles, the environment, work or personal needs.




Whether it is for a city nomad or for student housing, for a school or for a hospital, a modular building system can be the answer to permanent building design. A modular architecture system unlike typical housing concepts, Unit3 is prefab-ricated and not necessarily attached to one single location. Unit3 is based on one single module shape that allows variety in the rooms and structures that can be created.

The system is scalable, from very small buildings to very large structures, so whether you suddenly need a carport or airport, Unit3 can be moved, reconfigured, extended and affixed to combine buildings with each other.

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