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Watches by Wysiwatch

For some vector artwork around your wrist, have a look at these watch designs by Erol Osman, a digital artist from London, UK, made for French Wysiwatch.

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Illustration book by Ben Newman

Ben Newman
Fourteen spirits and demons, rendered by Ben Newman in a bold and colourful illustration style. Each image is complimented with words from S J Donaldson. All in the form of the Bento Bestiary, from Nobrow publishing.

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Shirt designs by Glenn Jones

Glenn Jones
100 shirt designs by former Threadless designer, Glenn Jones from New Zealand.

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Painted animal skulls by Stephan Alexandr

Stephan Alexandr
An animal skull on your wall is a common way to decorate your home, but Stephan Alexandr puts them in a whole new artistic light with his use of paint. Stephan Alexandr is a Portland based artist and designer.

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Rider Prints by Gianmarco Magnani

Gianmarco Magnani
Phenomenal Rider Prints by Gianmarco Magnani, a Illustrator from the USA.

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Illustrations by Rhys Owens

Rhys Owens
Great Prints by Rhys Owens, a Designer from England.

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Shirts by RockCandy

Great Shirts by RockCandy, a Label from England.

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Shirts by Illegals

Nice Shirt collection by Illegals, a brand from Portugal.

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Calendar 2012 by Dirty Bandits

Dirty Bandits
Great Calendar by Dirty Bandits, a Studio from New York.

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Toys by Acne JR

Acne JR
Well designed toys by Acne JR, a toy company from Sweden.