Hidden Photography

Photography by Merilee Allred

Merilee Allred
A conceptually great project by Merilee Allred from Utah. The ‘Awkward Years Project’ reminds us that we all have embarrassing photos. Allred: “To all the nerds, geeks, and fashion victims, past or present, this project is for you!”

Hidden Photography

Photography by Andrea Gjestvang

Andrea Gjestvang
These are the witnesses of the 2011 Norway attacks on Utøya by Anders Breivik. The One Day in History photo collection by Andrea Gjestvang show the survivors have rebuilt their lives.

Art Hidden Motion

Animation by Part of a Bigger Plan

Part of a Bigger Plan
Amsterdam based Part of a Bigger Plan made this animation for the new Rijksmuseum project Rijksstudio. The film includes 211 artworks from the museum’s online collection.

Hidden Illustration Textil / Fashion

Illustrations by Fernando Vicente

Fernando Vicente
Illustration series called ‘Fashion Men’, by Fernando Vicente from Madrid, for the Spanish magazine Gentleman.

Hidden Industrial Design Interior Design Technology

SSK by Mercedes-Benz

This is a custom-bodied version of the 1930 Mercedes-Benz SSK, the ‘Count Trossi’. Only 30 SSK’s where made, and this one was specially bodied for Count Carlo Felice Trossi, an Italian race car driver and car constructor. It was restored by Paul Russell and now owned by fashion designer Ralph Lauren.

Art Hidden Photography

Photography by Pelle Cass

Pelle Cass
Photographer Pelle Cass from Massachusetts took hundreds (sometimes 300!) of pictures from the same location and then picked out people and animals from each of those pictures and combined them into a single image. Sometimes there’s a theme, other times it can be completely random. It shows the random life of a single setting in one image.

Hidden Motion

Music video by Wriggles & Robins

Wringgles & Robins
This stunning video is animated with nothing but light and freezing breath. Travis, with ‘Moving’, directed by Wringgles & Robins from London, UK.

Graphic Design Hidden Identity

Identity by Sam Sharples

Sam Sharples
Sam Sharples’ brand Identity for a pot washer, inspired by his part time job as a pot washer throughout his time at university. Contrasting coloured rubber gloves and playful hand gestures are used to give class and charm to a job that is usually considered the most boring of jobs.

Art Hidden

Paintings by Mahwish Chishty

Mahwish Chishty
Pakistani folk art and US drones collide in these ornate paintings by artist Mahwish Chishty. More than 2,000 people have been killed in drone strikes in Pakistan since 2000. Chishty says the war triggered her imagination, and the resulting paintings are beautiful, disturbing, and deeply ironic.

Graphic Design Hidden Print Layout

Cards by Flow

Astrobights Thank You cards, by Hong Kong based design studio Blow.