Art Graphic Design Package Design

Artwork by Overglow

A project by Overglow, designing ‘retrofuturistic artwork from 2086’, inspired by the cd-covers, typography and logo’s from the 80’s.

Art Illustration

Illustrations by Vladimir Shelest

Vladimir Shelest
The Umpye’s series, by Vladimir Shelest from Thailand. In his own words, these are “digital portraits of friends, filtered by my mind.”

Art Photography

Photoshops by Giuseppe Colarusso

Giuseppe Colarusso
Italian artist Giuseppe Colarusso takes ordinary items and turns them into something nonexistent and completely useless – which at the same time looks really eye-catching and puzzling as a piece of art.

Art Illustration

Illustrations by Jeff Langevin

Jeff Langevin
Jeff Langevin from Oregon is a freelance artist & designer. His work includes emotional, figural paintings which explore the relationship between humans and nature, artistic interpretations and graphic works inspired by popular culture.

Art Illustration

Objects by Kevin Leung

Kevin Leung
This illustrative object series by Kevin Leung let us rethink our social lives, and shows how human are domesticated by technology. The objects are handcrafted without using any machines, the medium itself is disconnected from technology.

Art Hidden Photography

Photography by Pelle Cass

Pelle Cass
Photographer Pelle Cass from Massachusetts took hundreds (sometimes 300!) of pictures from the same location and then picked out people and animals from each of those pictures and combined them into a single image. Sometimes there’s a theme, other times it can be completely random. It shows the random life of a single setting in one image.

Art Hidden

Paintings by Mahwish Chishty

Mahwish Chishty
Pakistani folk art and US drones collide in these ornate paintings by artist Mahwish Chishty. More than 2,000 people have been killed in drone strikes in Pakistan since 2000. Chishty says the war triggered her imagination, and the resulting paintings are beautiful, disturbing, and deeply ironic.

Art Illustration

Illustrations by Grégoire Guillemin

Grégoire Guillemin
Pop illustrations series called ‘The Secret Life of Heroes”, by French illustrator Grégoire Guillemin, using pop-art style snapshots of mundane, sometimes compromising scenes.

Art Graphic Design Identity Print Layout

Brand identity by Cocolia

Cocoliaʼs business cards where individually made, all 600 of them, with serigraphy and spray paint over a thick 380Gr cardboard.

Art Graphic Design Typography

Painted saws by Vault49

Vault49, an New York based studio who did these finely but viciously hand-crafted beauties.