Art Hidden Industrial Design Technology

LEGO cars by Bob Alexander

Bob Alexander
Bob Alexander, a LEGO and motor racing enthusiast, creates these incredibly lifelike automobiles. The choice of bricks is perfect, and his attention to detail puts him up there with some of the best builders in the genre.


Photography by Marc Erwin Babej

Marc Erwin Babej
Marc Erwin Babej explored the scary side of our beauty culture in his series, ‘Mask Of Perfection’. He worked with plastic surgeon Maria LoTempio, to illustrate the difference between natural beauty and the ‘correctable flaws’ a plastic surgeon has been trained to see.

Industrial Design Rendering Technology

3D figures by Twinkind

Using the latest in 360-degree scanning and 3-D printing technologies, Twinkind, from Germany, will turn you, your loved ones, or your pets into a marvelously detailed little statues. It might seem a bit gimmicky if the results weren’t so stunning.

Graphic Design Illustration Shopping

Illustration book by Ben Newman

Ben Newman
Fourteen spirits and demons, rendered by Ben Newman in a bold and colourful illustration style. Each image is complimented with words from S J Donaldson. All in the form of the Bento Bestiary, from Nobrow publishing.

Architecture Hidden Motion

Short movie by Luke Shepard

Luke Shepard
Nightvision is a celebration of the brilliance and diversity of architecture found across Europe. Over the course of three months, Luke Shepard journeyed with a friend through 36 cities in 21 countries, to capture some of the greatest European structures.


Contest by Red Bull Illume

Red Bull Illume
Red Bull Illume, the world’s biggest photography contest for action and adventure sports, has announced their finalists and here are some of the most awe-inspiring ones.

Industrial Design Interior Design

Interior by Alan Chu

Alan Chu
Alan Chu designed this 380 square feet micro-apartment in Sao Paulo, yet it feels spacious and clutter-free, thanks to a few smart design choices. The use of pinewood as the unifying element throughout the apartment results in is a clever environment that’s not overwhelming.

Architecture Hidden Interior Design Photography

Photography by Rutger Geerling

Rutger Geerling
Three years has the indoor swimming pool Tropicana been closed and abandoned. Dutch photographer Rutger Geerling captured the desertion of the former recreation resort, but it’s not hard to imagine kids playing around here in its glory days.

Photography Textil / Fashion

Photography by Petya Cholakova

Petya Cholakova
Vivid and colourful photography by Petya Cholakova. She says: “The object has the color of the light radiated from its surface. The observer’s perception depends on the spectrum of the light, as well as the number of elements in the context.”

Graphic Design Photography Print Layout

Magazine by Threz

A magazine about Wynwood, art, design, music, graffiti and counter culture of Miami, by Threz, a Venezuelan graphic designer based in Miami.