Photography by Aneta Ivanova

Aneta Ivanova
Compelling photography by Bulgaria based Aneta Ivanova. Each shot is carefully composed and seems to reveal more about what each person is thinking about.

Graphic Design Identity Interior Design Package Design

Restaurant branding by Somewhere Else

Somewhere Else
Restaurant branding for Foodology, by Singapore based design form Somewhere Else. The attention to detail is remarkable and the resulting overall execution is an effective one.

Interaction Design Motion Rendering

App by Jeremy Kool

Jeremy Kool
The Paper Fox is an interactive tale of adventure, in the visual style of digital origami and papercraft. Made by Melbourne based CG artist Jeremy Kool.

Graphic Design Typography

Numbers by Tatalab

Jaime Fernandez
Playful numbers by Jaime Fernandez, an art director and illustrator born in the Dominican Republic, who now lives in Spain. For Yorokobu magazine.

Graphic Design

Long exposure photographs by Yume Cyan

Yume Cyan
Stunning long exposure photographs of fireflies in forests near Maniwa, Okayama and Nagoya, Japan, by Yume Cyan.

Graphic Design Illustration

Illustrations by Valistika

Funky illustrations with unusual colours by Barcelona based agency Valistika.

Graphic Design Illustration

Illustrations by Bartosz Kosowski

Bartosz Kosowski
Neatly detailed illustrations by Bartosz Kosowksi from Lodz, Poland, all hand drawn.

Graphic Design Illustration

Papercraft by INK Studio and others

Paper Dragon
Incredible detailed papercraft by a team in Brussels, Belgium. Full credits: William Mirante, Thibaut van Boxtel, Cédric Philippi, Laureen Delhaye, William Liu, Alex Valentin and Maxime Jacobs.

Photography Textil / Fashion

In the edge by David Benoliel and Cristian Girotto

David Benoliel and Cristian Girotto
Unreal photography series called ‘In the edge’, by David Benoliel, retouched by Cristian Girotto. Published on Zink Magazine. Model are Martina Dimitrova and Echo Nittolitto. Stylist, Veronica Camacho, and makeup done by Eliut Tarin and Jennifer Cruz.

Graphic Design Identity Package Design

Beer design by Iceland Academy of the Arts

Iceland Academy of the Arts
Branding for an Icelandic micro-brewery called Þorsteinn (Thorsteinn), which loosely translates into ‘thirsty one’. The concept is to have one type of beer with different bottle designs which’d change annually.

By Þorleifur Gunnar Gíslason, Hlynur Ingólfsson and Geir Olafsson.