Photography Textil / Fashion

Colours by Joanna Kustra

Joanna Kustra
Joanna Kustra is talented photographer, who lives and works both in London and Krakow. This is her collection called ‘colours’.

Industrial Design Technology

CC1000 Speedster concept by Aston Martin

The exceptional CC1000 Speedster concept. A stunning celebration of Aston Martin’s 100 years of sports car making.


Eerie paintings by Brian M. Viveros

Brian M. Viveros
Viveros’s paintings are a mix of oil, airbrush, acrylic and ink. In his work, Viveros shines a light on his own inner world and society at large and aims to captivate even the most jaded eyes.

Art Interior Design Shopping

Painted animal skulls by Stephan Alexandr

Stephan Alexandr
An animal skull on your wall is a common way to decorate your home, but Stephan Alexandr puts them in a whole new artistic light with his use of paint. Stephan Alexandr is a Portland based artist and designer.

Graphic Design Identity Illustration Typography

Minimal tattoo design by Kirk Wallace

Kirk Wallace
Lovely tattoo design by Boston, USA based designer Kirk Wallace, for his dad who died earlier this year.

Advertising Illustration

Illustrations by Rafael Alvarez

Rafael Alvarez
Clever Illustrations using negative space, by Rafael Alvarez, an illustrator from New York, USA.


Photography by Karen Knorr

Karen Knorr
Great Photography by Karen Knorr, a Photographer from London, United Kingdom.