Graphic Design Textil / Fashion

Craft typography by Lobulo Design

Lobulo Design
“Whatever you want to do, it’s possible in paper.” Words by Lobulo Design, after creating a series of sculptural experiments that turn a flat letterform into a three-dimensional object using paper.

Photography Textil / Fashion

Photography by Olga Valeska

Olga Valeska
Using merely her self-timer with herself as model, Olga Valeska is creating a stunning portfolio. Her photographs are surreal and wondrous, giving us a look into a fantasy world.

Hidden Photography Textil / Fashion

Photography by Jenny Francis

Jenny Francis
Jenny Francis met four brave men who posed in their pants to show what real men would look like in pants ads.

Art Textil / Fashion

Textiles by Elisa Strozyk

Elisa Strozyk
German designer Elisa Strozyk crafts beautiful flexible textiles out of wood, making you wonder how she did it. Each rug is made up of rows of triangular shapes that are dyed to form various geometric patterns for the floor.

Art Hidden Print Layout Textil / Fashion

Objects by Jennifer Collier

Jennifer Collier
British artist, Jennifer Collier collects all kinds of papers, magazines, maps, and sheet music, and recycles them to create incredible wrapping for ordinary objects that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Photography Textil / Fashion

Photography by TOMAAS

‘Candy Warhol’ photography series by TOMAAS. Styling by Allison St. Germain, make-up by Nevio Ragazzini, hair styling by Seiji Uehara, post production by Elena Levenets. Model Staz.

Shopping Textil / Fashion

Jewelry by Judy Zhang

Judy Zhang
London based jewellery designer Judy Zhang makes fine jewellery. Simple, yet elegant, with a fashion forward twist.

Hidden Shopping Textil / Fashion

Jewelry by Dconstruct

Dconstruct designs jewelry inspired by nature and minimalism, from recycled architectural materials.

Graphic Design Shopping Textil / Fashion

Underwear by Unerdwear

Unerdwear is a funky lifestyle brand for nerds, and has the underwear to equal that, with great textures and names like Dinacolada, Bacon I Love You and Hot Pink Bird.

Graphic Design Illustration Shopping Textil / Fashion

Watches by Wysiwatch

For some vector artwork around your wrist, have a look at these watch designs by Erol Osman, a digital artist from London, UK, made for French Wysiwatch.