Art Textil / Fashion

Art by Seung Mo Park

Seung Mo Park
Seung Mo Park from South Korea amazes with his figurative sculptures made from tightly wrapped layers of aluminium wire, based on fiberglass forms.

Art Hidden Textil / Fashion

Papercraft by Jason Ruff

Jason Ruff
Jason Ruff found that the patterns of cigarette packs translated seamlessly into high-tops, so he built these Jordans out of cigarette packs, cardboard, duct tape and straws.

Art Textil / Fashion

Paper orbs by Christine Kim

Christine Kim
Paper orbs by Toronto-based artist Christine Kim.

Photography Textil / Fashion

Photography by Kirsty Mitchell

Kirsty Mitchell
Magnificent costumes and settings in Kirsty Mitchell’s series ‘Wonderland’, dedicated to her mother, whom she lost half a year before starting this series.

Art Photography Textil / Fashion Typography

Calligraphy on girls by Pokras Lampas

Pokras Lampas
A new-unique lettering project by Pokras Lampas, ‘Calligraphy on Girls’, taking calligraphy on the bare skin of girls. Part intricate tattoo, part classic calligraphy it’s an exploration of the female form, echoed through beautiful lettering on his living canvases. (NSFW)

Advertising Photography Textil / Fashion

Photography by Christophe Jager

Christophe Jager
Shooting for WAD #57 NEW CLUBBING ISSUE. Photography by Christophe Jager, art direction by Julien Drapier, set Design by Thomas Pico, retouching by Clément Nachbauer.

Hidden Shopping Textil / Fashion

Watch by Yesign

Yesign from Germany won the Red Dot Design Award with their stunning LED watch, called Eye of the Storm – the first to feature a hole in the middle.

Photography Textil / Fashion

Photography by Xi Sinsong

Xi Sinsong
Xi Sinsong’s striking photography captured for the 2nd edition of Vulture magazine.

Architecture Textil / Fashion

Fashion by Dion Lee

Dion Lee
For Dion Lee’s latest collection, the designer drew inspiration from Danish architect Jorn Utzon, which translated into gorgeous sculpted shapes, fluid silhouettes, and magnificent forms.

Textil / Fashion

Patterns by Sian Elin

Sian Elin
UK’s Sian Elin’s patterns are Eastern-inspired, combined with Western and Scandinavian sensibilities. Elin: ‘I take Islamic and Moorish designs and abstract them, redraw them, and re-colour them.’