Hidden Industrial Design Technology

Phone by Phoneblok

Phonebloks is a clever, modular phone, made from detachable blocks, which you can suit to your need on the base. If a piece breaks you can easily replace it, if it’s getting old just upgrade.

Architecture Art Industrial Design Technology

Electricity pylons by Choi+Shine Architects

Choi+Shine Architects
American firm Choi + Shine Architects designed these electricity pylons called Land of Giants like human figures to march across the Icelandic landscape.

Hidden Industrial Design Interior Design Technology

C-X17 by Jaguar

Here’s the C-X17 sports crossover concept by Jaguar, that blends sleek design, sporting performance and a luxurious interior.

Hidden Illustration Technology Textil / Fashion

Illustrations by Ink

These bizarre digital illustrations by UK based Ink, combines dogs and vintage airplanes.

Industrial Design Technology

LMP1 by Porsche

This is Porsche’s hybrid prototype, the LMP1, that’s being made ready for the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2014.

Industrial Design Technology

Sport Quattro Concept by Audi

The Audi Sport Quattro Concept delivers a rolling tribute to the unbridled lunacy of mid-’80s Group B rally racing, and it has the modern technological pedigree to match.

Industrial Design Interior Design Technology

Concept car by Volvo

The Volvo Concept Coupe marks the Swedish carmaker’s new design direction, headed by Thomas Ingenlath.

Industrial Design Rendering Technology

Aston Martin DBC by Samir Sadikhov

Samir Sadikhov
DBC is a super car design study that brings a rear mid-engine/rear-wheel drive layout to Aston Martin for the first time, by Samir Sadikhov from Azerbaijan.

Graphic Design Identity Industrial Design Technology

Livery by Goodsmile Racing

Goodsmile Racing
Goodsmile Racing, a team competing in the Japanese Super GT Series with a BMW Z4, designed their livery around the anime character Hatsune Miku.

Photography Technology Textil / Fashion

X-Rays by National Air and Space Museum

National Air and Space Museum
A series of X-ray images, currently on view at the National Air and Space Museum as part of the Suited for Space exhibition, give a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the mechanics that have helped astronauts make their suborbital trips.