Hidden Photography

Photography by Angelo Merendino

Angelo Merendino
These bleak and beautiful photos tell such a strong yet sad narrative. American photographer Angelo Merendino photographed every stage his wife went through in her battle with cancer.

Art Hidden

Sculptures by Morgan Herrin

Morgan Herrin
Richmond, Virginia based artist Morgan Herrin transforms wood into spectacularly detailed figurative sculptures. The sculptures sometimes take a year to create, and depict most surreal images.

Art Hidden

Art by Erik Olson

Erik Olson
Images and paintings of the ‘Space’ solo exhibition at the Skew Gallery by Erik Olson.

Art Hidden Illustration

Illustrations by Bruce Mackay

Bruce Mackay
Pen and ink drawings by Bruce Mackay from Cape Town, South Africa.

Graphic Design Hidden Identity Package Design

Packaging by Big Fish

Big Fish
Yummy packaging by Big Fish for Kallo, a natural food company from the UK.

Hidden Photography

Photography by National Geographic

National Geographic
National Geographic, an institution for first-rate photography, celebrates its 125th anniversary in October. In honor of the milestone, the publication’s latest issue is devoted to the “Power of Photography.”

Hidden Industrial Design Technology

Guitar by Gittler Instruments

Gittler Instruments
Inspired by Alan Gittler’s prototype from the 1970’s, the Gittler Guitar is a striking minimalist, all titanium guitar with no neck or body. By paring the instrument down to the point of pure function, the instrument isn’t designed purely for designsake.

Advertising Hidden Interior Design

Outdoor banners by DBP

16 of the best outdoor banner design brought to you by Discount Banner Printing.

Graphic Design Hidden Identity Illustration Package Design

Identity by Sid Lee

Sid Lee
Sid Lee’s Toronto atelier developed a new identity for Blue Goose, a Canadian organic and natural food brand, with illustrations by Ben Kwok.

Architecture Hidden Illustration

Illustrations by Bartosz Kosowski

Bartosz Kosowski
Bartosz Kosowski takes us through five different architecture illustrations he made for Norwegian magazine “Åpent Rom”, seeing every step of the process.