Hidden Industrial Design Technology

Motorcycles by Revival Cycles

Revival Cycles
The team of Revival Cycles believes that the motorcycle is an aesthetic expression that demonstrates the beauty of purposeful form. A combination of passion and pragmatism. They build custom and retro-inspired motorcycles from Austin, Texas.

Hidden Technology Textil / Fashion

3D printed shoes by Pavla Podsedniková

Pavla Podsedniková
The “Instant Shoe″ collection by Czech designer, Pavla Podsedniková boasts five pairs of multi-material 3D printed customized shoes, sculpted for a perfect fit from digital scans of the wearers’ feet.

Art Hidden Illustration

Illustrations by Paula Duță

Paula Duță
Insect entomology illustrations by Paula Duță from Romania.

Architecture Hidden Industrial Design Photography Technology

Photography by Patrick Gosling

Patrick Gosling
Photography of the British automotive manufacturer McLaren, by Patrick Gosling from London.

Art Hidden Textil / Fashion

Papercraft by Jason Ruff

Jason Ruff
Jason Ruff found that the patterns of cigarette packs translated seamlessly into high-tops, so he built these Jordans out of cigarette packs, cardboard, duct tape and straws.

Hidden Industrial Design

Model kit by Roman Sviridov

Roman Sviridov
A skateboard plane model kit by Roman Sviridov. No glue, no nails, just interlocking parts. Photos by Alexey Abanin.

Hidden Photography

Photography by Benoit Paillé & Daniel Delisle

Benoit Paillé & Daniel Delisle
‘DollarStore’, by Benoit Paillé & Daniel Delisle. In a kind of anti-show, at once beautiful and grating, these images are subverted and try to become a riposte at the “heart of the unreality of the real society.”

Hidden Motion Technology

Animation by Parachutes

The beauty of mathematics by Yann Pineill & Nicolas Lefaucheux from Parachutes: “Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty — a beauty cold and austere, without the gorgeous trappings of painting or music.” —Betrand Russell

Art Hidden Package Design Print Layout

Book sculptures by Jodi Harvey-Brown

Jodi Harvey-Brown
Books pull you into a new world, while art lets you see it, so in a way it makes sense that these two mediums should come together in Jodi Harvey-Brown’s work. Her book sculptures are a way of making stories come alive.

Art Hidden

Art by Rudy Gutierrez

Rudy Gutierrez
Ancient yet contemporary art by Rudy Gutierrez, from Bogota, NJ, USA. Urban in a sense and musical in feel.