Graphic Design Identity Industrial Design Technology

Livery by Goodsmile Racing

Goodsmile Racing
Goodsmile Racing, a team competing in the Japanese Super GT Series with a BMW Z4, designed their livery around the anime character Hatsune Miku.


Animation by HKU

De Jong, Groeneveld, Hoolmans & Koning
Harry and his huge, oblivious son run a moving company together. When they help a girl move apartments, their dull, tiny lives are disrupted. By De Jong, Groeneveld, Hoolmans and Koning.

Interaction Design Interior Design Textil / Fashion

Sofa by Daisuke Motogi

Daisuke Motogi
Things often get lost under the sofa. Daisuke Motogi’s sofa is different; the Lost in Sofa has little built-in slots in which you can stuff some goodies.


Illustrations by Brosmind

What’s Inside? is a fun personal project by Brosmind, an illustrator-duo from Barcelona. As they say, they’ve been been always passionate about how things work, and that’s why they created this project.

Graphic Design Identity

Identity by Ben Johnston

Ben Johnston
Terrific branding for photographer Dylan Culhane. The overarching idea was to marry the idea of precision and instinct – two seemingly opposed yet defining pillars of Dylan Culhane’s work. By Ben Johnston from Canada.

Photography Technology Textil / Fashion

X-Rays by National Air and Space Museum

National Air and Space Museum
A series of X-ray images, currently on view at the National Air and Space Museum as part of the Suited for Space exhibition, give a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the mechanics that have helped astronauts make their suborbital trips.

Graphic Design Typography

Typography by Peter Tarka

Peter Tarka
Peter Tarka is a young graphic designer and illustrator from Poland and sure knows how to deliver strong creative typographic works. They’re filled with big and little details and unusual shapes.


Illustrations by Lev Kaplan

Lev Kaplan
Lev Kaplan’s illustrations for the famous Jules Verne’s roman Around the World in 80 Days.

Graphic Design Identity

Identity by Kiss Miklos

Kiss Miklos
Kiss Miklos from Hungary developed an identity for his home country. He used the coat of arms and the colours of the flag for the logomark, aimed to replicate Milton Glaser’s ‘I love New York’ logo for Hungary.


Photography by Dina Goldstein

Dina Goldstein
Dina Goldstein reveals the truth about what happens inside Barbie and Ken’s Dollhouse. A fun photographic journey into the lives of America’s most bizarre doll couple.